Bc Teachers Collective Agreement 2020 admin September 9, 2023

Bc Teachers Collective Agreement 2020

The British Columbia Teachers` Federation (BCTF) has reached a new collective agreement for the year 2020. The deal includes several provisions that aim to improve the working conditions for teachers while also providing better support for students.

One of the key highlights of the agreement is a new salary grid for teachers. The grid ensures that teachers are compensated based on their level of education and years of experience. This means that experienced teachers will receive higher salaries, while those who are new to the profession will receive a fair wage that reflects their level of education and experience.

In addition to the new salary grid, the agreement also includes provisions for better support for vulnerable students. This includes increased funding for special education programs, as well as additional resources for students with mental health and behavioral issues.

The agreement also includes provisions for a more flexible work schedule for teachers. This means that they will have more control over their work hours and will be able to better balance their personal and professional responsibilities.

Overall, the new collective agreement is a positive step forward for teachers and students in British Columbia. It reflects the BCTF`s commitment to improving the quality of education in the province, while also providing fair compensation and support for teachers.